How banks put BIG DATA to work
CuMmr risk assessment
Anti-money launderingand procedures fraud detection
Compliance and regulatory reporting
Customer relationship management
surSvteoiciikantrcaedaend pattern analysis
BIG DATA problem solving for financial institutions
Preventing Customer Churn
In 2012
'MITT! 50% ttt Of coustomers changed banks or were planning to change banks
SOLUTION IMMIITTIFT A customer churn prediction model based on big data analysis of social e• • • • • • • • m dia customer sentiment and TrifTW purchasing power helps identify customers at risk of leaving
Understanding Customer Needs

Customers face a bewildering number of banking "journeys" through websites, call centers, branch bank personnel and more
SOLUTION Big data from customer waiting and assist periods and online banking habits helps track the paths customers follow and how they affect purchasing decisions
Insights for Product Development

Setting Effective Staffing Levels

Staffing costs account for
of a branch bank's costs
SOLUTION Staffing models based on transaction times and account holder traffic patterns data make annual resource planning easier and more effective
Managing Rising Security Costs

The costs of developing new prod-ucts and services can be staggering
SOLUTION Customer transactional data such as timing of visits and duration of teller transactions can be analyzed to find gaps in product offerings
More stringent federal security regulations require banks to have safeguards for anti-money laundering in place
SOLUTION Big data from cross channel security alerts and international money transactions creates compliance analytics for performance models that reduce alerts while delivering ongoing monitoring
Scoring Credit Risks

Banks need to cut lending risks while improving customer marketing
SOLUTION Consumer payment patterns and law enforcement databases supply the data credit bureaus store over 800 billion records
to be sliced, diced and analyzed for more accurate credit risk scores.
For comparison, the FBI's Investigative Data Warehouse has only 1.5 billion documents.

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