​​What are the uses of Cobalt-60?

Cobalt-60 is a beta-emitting radioactive isotope of cobalt-59. In cobalt-60 therapy, cobalt-60-generated gamma radiation is used to destroy tumors. Cobalt-60 therapy is also known as Gamma Knife therapy. Gamma Knife is a registered trademark of Elekta Instruments, Inc.
Cobalt-60 therapy can be used anywhere on the body. It is particularly useful in brain tumor patients because it is so precise. Because of its effectiveness and simple design, doctors have used cobalt-60 therapy to treat cancer for almost 60 years.
Cobalt-60 is also used in a process called industrial radiography, to inspect metal parts and welds for defects. Beams of radiation are aimed at the object to be checked from a sealed source of Co-60. Radiographic film on the opposite side of the source is exposed when it is struck by radiation passing through the objects being tested. More radiation will pass through if there are cracks or breaks in the metal parts and will be recorded on the film. By studying the film, structural problems can be detected.