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What is Birthday?

The only day in your life.. your mother smiled when you cried.

The world is a cat Playing with Australia

Disney should make a princess with no hair, so that every little girl in the world fighting against cancer will know she is beautiful.

A 90 year woman died from coronavirus in Belgium after refusing a ventilator and told doctors
"Keep this for the younger, I had a good life."
This is sacrifice. RIP

COVID - 19
When this is over... Let's remember that it wasn't the CEO's & Billionaires who saved us. It was the JANITORS, NURSES, DOCTORS, COPS and other hard WORKERS.

This is the waiting room of my dentist. I hope that my gynecologist won't decide to redecorate following the same concept.

Save money every week! It doesn't matter how much. Just save!
Listen to your parent's advice... at the end of the day they are the only ones who want the best for you.
Choose your friends wisely as you are the product of your environment.
Learn to be alone and independent. It's a skill few master. Educate yourself - read, read, read. Be healthy & look after your body. Don't wait for someone to love you; learn to love YOURSELF first. You'll be ok.

Before Lockdown
During Lockdown
After Lockdown

A mother is never off duty.

Me choosing the right song before I start cleaning the house

How it feels working at a Bank

My body wakes up at 8 am, brain at 9 am, mood at 10 am, and soul at 12 pm.

Home is where you trust the toilet seat.

Hey you!
If you can't take care of my heart give it back to me

My phone is always on silent mode I don't even know if I have a ringtone. If someone ever needs to contact me in emergency, I suggest you call someone else

When I get married I will sign my marriage certificate by pencil.
I can't take risk.

Some of the best moments are never captured by cameras and are not posted in any social media platforms.
They are kept in private and are cherished together with the best people.

Some people think I hate them. No bro, I don't even think of you.

then you remember what they did to you.

If you had the chance to meet any person in this world for 10 minutes

Whom would it be?

but so does 5+4 The way you do things isn't always the only way to do them. Respect other people's way of thinking.